Developer call March 11, 2021

We will have a developer call at 6pm-7:30pm IST on March 11, 2021.


  • Indic Keyboard
  • Ideas list
  • General news

Anyone is welcome to join. No development experience required.

Meeting link


Shared notes copy pasted


  • Akshay
  • Jishnu
  • Rag Sagar
  • Subin
  • Jerin
  • Hrishikesh
  • Aboobacker
  • sabu
  • dhacommas
  • Anivar

GSoC - good that we have ideas list

Indic keyboard


  • Many language packs to be released as APK


  • Try creating language packs for f-droid
  • If they’re delayed or they reject, use our own server

Our own f-droid repo

  • Convert jishnu’s download server to f-droid repo

Need fastlane build system

Varnam language dataset

The reason why Varnam is required:
words like മ്വോനേ, മോനൂസേ isn’t supported by ML based apps like google’s or manglish

The reason why Varnam is outdated:
neural model based things are the future (says jerin)

Does it make sense to include varnam in Indic Keyboard?

  • avoid sunk cost fallacy
  • UX of incorporating “varnam”

To think of a different name for the feature “varnam”
Use that as a branding opportunity “Indic keyboard adds machine learning”

SEO / play store optimization required

Possibly rebrand after varnam integration is stabilized and tested

For now, slow down on varnam and get point releases going.

Emoji search:
- search result is a hack on suggestions
- possibly use third party libraries to provide search and directly use that for search
should separate xml files of emojis to android 9 specific and android 10 specific to avoid square boxes being shown to users with older android

Personal shortcut bug:
- dictionary works

Other enhancements

  • Android 10/11 has password integration for keyboard. Suggestion box can integrate with password manager.
  • Clipboard integration (OTP copy paste, etc)
  • Play store signing has a new method

Jerin’s translation, language pitch

  • C++ library being built by jerin
  • Can build JNI layer over it
  • lots of things that SMC can do

Jerin to expand the proposal into a larger mission for SMC


English-Malayalam dictionary data enhancement capability

T Ramalingam Pillai old dictionary out of copyright

How to use the dictionary data?

ML Morph part of speech

Think outside the box

Next meeting

  • In 2 weeks
  • Focus not on indic keyboard