We applied for GSoC 2017. Follow this thread for updates

Hi all,

We applied for GSoC2017 !
Ideas & Instructions Repo is available at Indicproject / gsoc-2017 · GitLab
If you are a student interested in working with Indicproject this year, please read project ideas here
And Join in corresponding developer lists

If you are interested in proposing an Idea please write to contact@indicproject.org / post it in GSoC mailing list

If anyone interested in proposing an Idea/ Mentor an idea, please write to contact@indicproject.org

Please star this thread for updates

Stay Tuned

@anivar, @asd @stultus & Aashik

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Indic project is not selected as a GSoC mentoring organization this year. The project ideas are still open for interested volunteers to work on . But without financial support from Google.

Message from Google Summer of Code Team

Thank you for applying to be a Google Summer of Code 2017 mentor organization. Sadly, we were unable to accept Indic Project this year. We had many more applications than available slots. We hope you will apply again in the future!