Using Localization Platforms


Weblate is an open source web based localization system. The software also can be self-hosted.
Malayalam Projects on Weblate: Malayalam @ Hosted Weblate


Everyone can view and suggest translations on Weblate without having an account.
An account is required for saving the changes.
To create an account, go to and enter the credentials or sign in using Github, Gitlab, etc.


For more information, please read the Weblate Documentation



Crowdin is a proprietary localization platform. There are many Malayalam localization projects on Crowdin.
To create an account on Crowdin, click here.
Joining a translation project - Joining Translation Project | Crowdin Documentation. Set the source language as English and Translated into as Malayalam to find projects being translated to Malayalam.
Using the online editor - Online Editor | Crowdin Documentation.
You can also upload/download project files for offline use. For more information, click here

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Transifex is another localization platform. Signal, VLC Media Player and other projects are translated to Malayalam on this platform.

  • To get started with Transifex, you will have to create an account. Go to to create an account. For more information, click here
  • Each project in Transifex is translated by a team. Teams are grouped by languages and they consist of translators, reviewers, and coordinators. To learn more about joining a translation team, please click here
  • To learn more about using the web editor for changing/suggesting translations, click here
  • You can also translate offline by downloading the necessary files and then importing the file.