Question: How can I change the language to Malayalam in Firefox Desktop?

In the Firefox Language settings. I do not see Malayalam as an option. I don’t know why Firefox is not displaying Malayalam. Is Firefox Desktop not available in malayalam? Or do I need to download an additional file?

There is . I am using 85.1.3 Version. And It can display Malayalam after selecting the language from settings

AFAIK, Malayalam langpack is removed on desktop from 68

This is outdated info
It is part of the current Official Playstore version.

Firefox changed to Firefox Daylight in August 2020

On the mobile version, malayalam is availlable but on desktop it is not there. @joice is probably right.

This is why translations got removed from firefox desktop

Yes. We didn’t see very much usage for Desktop Malayalam app, and hence localization effort was kinda stalled. And when Firefox people asked if they could remove it, we didn’t have any other option but to say to go ahead.

Android version was kept back because localization was active there. If someone could put effort and get desktop localization to be restarted and get it to a good shape, we can ask them to add it back on.


@V4vachan shall we do this ? May be we can host a virtual FF localization party

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Sounds good,
but we will need more people.

As per current status 4179 strings are pending in Firefox… :fox_face:

By the way, Android L10n needs to be completed within 22 march 2021, if anyone have time, please look into it. (Only 194 strings pending)(deadline)

A lot of suggestions have been added, I think they just need to be reviewed.
I am not a reviewer, so I can only suggest translations.
Anyway, we should complete it.

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I will review it today.