Openstreetmap Indic Localization helper tool

I wanted to suggest an idea to build a tool which could help in improving the ease of localization of map data for openstreetmap. Currently, OSM localisations are done manually by volunteer editors manually mostly. Some editors have built custom tools to bulk upload localizations, but there is no easy tool which could be easily used to localize manually / verify machine-assisted localizations to improve the speed of localization in OSM map data.

Nomino[1] is a tool available to perform localization, but the tool is unmaintained, doesnt offer suggestions. With Wikidata and google translate API’s we can reasonably ensure correctness of automated translation if they match, when they dont match, it still provides reasonably good suggestions, which users can just pick. Since we are dealing with names of places, copyright issues dont arise. A tool, like Nomino, with suggestions from Wikidata, Google translate integrating with OSM APIs would be of great utility in increasing the pace of localizations, while ensuring that such localizations are manually verified by user and not purely machine translated.

Let me know if this is acceptable GSoC idea, which students can work. I can offer any help in improving this idea / project. Thanks.



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