Missing Zwnj in Gnulinux(Freedesktop) xkb layout for malayalam enhanced inscript

in malayalam there are two inscript layout are there, one is inscript (inscript 1) another is enhanced inscript (inscript 2). in enhanced inscript zwnj is missing. it was assigned in \ key in inscript 1. now the key is assigned to another malayalam chillu “ർ”. in standard inscript 2 the zwj key should be in Ext 1 and zwnj should be in Ext 2 keys.

so the needed changes are
assign ext 1 - zwj
assign ext 2 - zwnj
may be we can keep zwj in ] too but multiple mapping for single glyph is not a good idea.
here is the issue
people are familiar with ] as zwnj.
now moving to Ext 1 will be pain for users, so ‍shall we just add zwnj in ext 2 ?
please comment your opinion, we have to fix this.

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