Indic Keyboard Project

Mentor : Jishnu
The project aims on adding tutorial and more features to the Indic Keyboard app

The details of the project are given in the proposal


Community Bonding Period

  • Going through the codebase.
  • Reading the documentation.
  • Discussing the implementation of the project with the mentor.
  • Exploring other apps and looking for more ideas.

Mid Term Evaluation

  • Adding the “language not supported” to the ‘Select Language’ feature.
  • Implementing “Select theme” feature.
  • Implementing “Adding Number Row” feature
  • Implementing the “swipe” feature.

Final Evaluation

  • Adding the “Keyboard Size” feature.
  • Improve UI

Link to blog :

@arushi, checkout this article from smashing magazine about user onboarding.


@asd , bookmaked! nice one! :sunglasses: