Ideas for Indic Keyboard

GSoC organization applications are now open. I have a project idea in mind for Indic Keyboard:

Emoji Search For Indic Keyboard

This idea will cover the following:

  • Add a better emoji search (major part): I have contributed a basic emoji search to the keyboard, but it’s not perfect and can be done more efficiently with a better UX.
  • Better suggestions strip view: For long words the current suggestion view is not good. Especially for malayalam, making long agglutinated words are good in current Indic Keyboard
  • Finishing Varnam integration: I have worked on it for some months, it’s almost done 90%

Indic Keyboard now has a beta version with basic emoji search. For this to merge in stable, there are a couple more things to fulfill: Next release · Milestones · Indicproject / Indic-Keyboard · GitLab

This is something separate to look, but still an idea (Requires C++ & Java) :

  • Gesture type text for Indic Languages (no keyboard has gesture support for Indian languages)

Last year we applied for GSoC, but didn’t get accepted. What can we do to increase our chances for getting selected for GSoC ? Have any other projects in mind ?


Does Indic Keyboard qualify on its own? I think Indic Keyboard should apply.

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Talked to a few people. SMC itself will apply. Have started the application. Will be inviting ideas and more mentors soon.

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what about having
a feature to directly search on duckduckgo from the keyboard
GIF library
clipboard support.

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Yeah, have seen such advanced features in some keyboards. I believe stickers now has an API standard between apps (അങ്ങനെ എന്തോ ഇല്ലേ @jish ?)

But do note that Indic Keyboard doesn’t have internet permission. So adding such internet-related features is something that’s not part of the goal of a keyboard.

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Some other features

inline autofill for passwords and credit card numbers

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Another feature would be to show copied text from the clipboard on the above suggestion strip.
This will especially be useful for

  • Pasting OTPs
  • Pasting passwords(when pasting passwords, the text should be *******)

Another feature suggestion:

Long press for symbols

Currently switching between symbols tab and letters tab affecting typing speed… If the symbols can be added by long pressing letters it would be better…

An example of gboard is given below: